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SMS x NOW Present:
It’s Not You, It’s Me - Personal Branding Workshop

The Sydney Marketing Society (SMS) and the Network of Women (NOW) bring to you a unique event for 1 night only:  It’s Not You, It’s Me - Personal Branding Workshop


Develop your own personal brand with practical tips from industry leaders on boosting your CV, LinkedIn, and more in an engaging panel event. The night will also be hands-on with corporate networking, small group workshop exercises to build your own brand, and elevator pitching! Learn from experienced industry professionals who have built their careers with deep personal branding! They come from major companies, so don’t miss out 



WHEN: Thursday 1st September, 6-8pm
WHERE: ABS Room 3003
COST: Free for all SMS or NOW members!

The Sydney Marketing Society is the University of Sydney’s premier society for students interested in marketing. SMS’s mission is to provide the necessary platforms for students to learn, be curious and challenge themselves to succeed in the marketing industry of the future.


The Network of Women is an all-inclusive support network for women with diverse interests and passions, who wish to share their experiences with others. Through corporate events and workshops, NOW is a platform for women to pursue their goals.

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