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Meet Sydney Marketing Society's 2024 Executive Team

From our Presidents

Sydney Marketing Society is the official Marketing Society at the University of Sydney and one of the largest societies at the Business School. With partners from different industries, we connect marketing across disciplines, increasing the accessibility of marketing to all students independent of degree and major.


We hold both social and professional events, with flagship events ranging from Pizza and Chill to Mentoring Program where students are paired with an industry professional to workshop soft skills over a period of 3 months. We strive to provide value to all members through opportunities to upskill, build connections and gain new perspectives in the marketing industry via workshops, case competition, seminars and networking events.


Sydney Marketing Society is proud to be one of the most diverse society at the Business School with executives, subcommittee and members from around the world, different disciplines and backgrounds.


We welcome everyone with an interest in marketing to join our unique community! Stay in touch with us on our social media platforms - and don’t hesitate to reach out to our lovely team!


- Preeti & Stephanie 

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