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Marketing Research 

1. Introduction

MKTG1002 Marketing Research is a 1000-level compulsory unit in the Marketing major. In this unit, students are introduced to the preparation and planning work required when initiating a marketing research project, such as formulating research questions and proposing a research strategy. Particular emphasis is given to the initial stages of the market research process involving problem identification, problem contextualisation and conceptualisation, developing a research proposal, conducting exploratory research through secondary data and administering a pilot survey as well as conducting basic analysis.


Prerequisites: MKTG1001 Marketing Principles

2. Difficulty

Difficulty: Medium


This unit covers basic marketing research concepts, methods and frameworks largely based on the prescribed textbook. Much of the unit is practical work preparing and conducting research, and students are expected to understand and perform some statistical analysis on their research to extrapolate findings to determine insights and implications.

3. Workload

The workload of this unit is low compared to other Marketing units. Tutorial preparation is minimal, given that much of the lessons are used for group work and progress checkups. Students should still engage in regular revision of the textbook and lectures to fully comprehend the content each week, which will help guide their group project and prepare for exams.

4. Textbooks/Readings

Babin, B., D'Alessandro, S., Winzar, H., Lowe, B. and Zikmund, W. (2020) Marketing Research, 5th Asia Pacific Edition, Cengage Learning. [ISBN 9780170438964]

5. Assessment Breakdown
  • Participation (5%): Based on class attendance and participation in discussions and activities.

  • Mid-Semester Exam (20%): The exam is designed to test students’ understanding of course material covered in weeks 1-5.

  • Research Proposal (25%): In groups of up to 4, students will develop a written research proposal to justify and discuss the details of the group's research plan.

  • Group Presentation (10%): Project groups will showcase their exploratory research findings during tutorials.

  • Final Exam (40%): The exam will assess student’s understanding of course material from week 6 onwards.


Please note that assessments may vary across semesters. This information was sourced from the Unit of Study Outline for Semester 1 of 2021, and may be out of date. For the most up-to-date information, refer to the Unit of Study Outline for the semester and year relevant to your studies.

6. Unit Highlights
  • The unit teaching team makes use of many real-life examples and case studies that help to clarify concepts interestingly.

  • The inclusion of data analysis in the content is useful for other parts of the Commerce degree and many of the majors such as Finance.

  • The unit also highlights market research tools and procedures used by companies in the real world.

7. Skills Learnt
  • Marketing research data collection, analysis and interpretation

  • Understanding of bias and potential errors in certain research methods

  • Effective group work and time management

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