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2021 Mentoring Program

Event Recap

The 2021 SMS Mentoring Program was an enriching experience for mentors and mentees alike. Mentors from Deloitte, EY, Dior and many more leading companies, were paired with USYD students, allowing mentees to gain invaluable industry tips and advice to apply to their personal, professional and academic lives.
Although COVID-19 restrictions shifted the Opening and Catch-Up Events online, the perseverance of mentors and mentees to form meaningful relationships with each other allowed for smooth-sailing and insightful conversations across the program.
With restrictions easing, we were lucky enough to hold our Program Closing Event in-person at AEONA, on a gorgeous rooftop overlooking the city. A lovely testimonial by Shakila Muthukuda (mentee) and our 2019 President, Seraphina Buay (mentor, Westpac), perfectly summed up the challenges overcome, value gained and bonds created between mentors and mentees during the program. Everyone was able to enjoy refreshments while catching-up and networking with other mentors and mentees!
We extend our gratitude towards all mentors and mentees who participated, and hope that you all enjoyed and valued the Mentoring Program!

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