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SMS x BISA x GA Presents: SEO For Beginners

Event Recap

On Wednesday the 14th of April, in collaboration with Business Information Systems Association (BISA) and General Assembly Australia, we had the privilege of learning from leading Marketing professionals Catherine Toms and Stephen Toms in a SEO for Beginners workshop.

In GA Australia’s enriching crash course on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), students were taken through what SEO is, its importance, and how to use it, enabling them to develop their knowledge and skills in digital marketing. Both drawing from over 20 years of digital marketing, commercial and education experience, Catherine and Stephen Toms powerfully illuminated how students can achieve their own business goals through SEO Marketing strategies.

We would like to express our gratitude towards General Assembly Australia for their time and contribution towards this engaging workshop, and would like to thank all of the students who attended. This workshop helped us develop a deeper understanding of the world of SEO and demonstrated the vital role that SEO has played in transforming consumer journeys over the last 10 years, and undoubtedly in the future.

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