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10 things every marketing student thinks about group assignments

By Catherine Verge

Group work. An unfortunate reality for every marketing student. A group with great synergy paves the way for an easy HD. But a dysfunctional group is worse than Monday morning lectures.

Here are 10 memes and GIFs which accurately depict the perils of group work.

1. When mid-semester rolls around and your group hasn’t started the assignment:

2. Trying to make small talk when you have nothing in common:


3. There’s always one group member who doesn’t do their part of the work:


4. And one person who does everything last minute:


5. When no one can agree how to complete the assignment:


6. And you’re just left trying to juggle everything like:


7. On top of all your assignments for other classes (what were those again?):


8. When you finish the assignment after an all-nighter but you still have to present:


9. Planning to stay in contact with your group after the semester ends:

10. And at the end of it all, you really just deserve a medal:



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