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Mark-TECH-ing Series: Digital Marketing Tools - Introduction to SEO

Mark-TECH-ing Series: Digital Marketing Tools - Introduction to SEO

Billions of searches are performed daily on Google, thus the ability to maximise the amount of “organic” traffic that search engines direct to your site is invaluable.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a process used to improve visibility of your site on search engines such as Google or Bing.

Search engines use bots to collect information from every site and compile them into an index. Algorithms then analyse the index, and use ranking factors such as content quality and user experience to determine the order that pages will appear in a search result.

How can we use SEO?

“Organic” rankings cannot be manipulated with money as paid search ads can. Therefore, some businesses hire SEO experts who specialise in improving the different factors that boost a webpage’s ranking. There are also some methods you can use to boost the visibility of your site:

  1. Find and incorporate keywords relevant to your niche

  2. Optimize title tags and meta-descriptions

  3. Get other websites to link to your website (link building)

  4. Create useful content to generate leads to your business website

For further information, refer to the video below:

Key Takeaway

In summary, SEO is a powerful process you can use to boost the visibility of your site without having to hire an expert. With the widespread use of search engines, improving the chances of your web page appearing in related keyword searches will allow you to garner the attention of prospective consumers.

Written by Kelli Liu.


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