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14 Quotes to Stimulate Marketing Greatness

By Robyn Lu

After a half-year hiatus, SMS is back at it again with the blog -insert party popper emoji- ! This year we’ll continue to bring you the latest on absolutely everything marketing related. From important industry insights to tips on surviving as a marketing student. More so, if there’s something in particular that YOU wish to see covered, comment below!

Now as budding marketers, it is often challenging to know where to look to begin effecting change. We constantly hear countless success stories about the world’s most brilliant marketing minds. But where do they source their inspiration? Well, from other brilliant minds.

So to help get your creative juices flowing, here are 14 quotes that will open your mind to all of the key aspects of marketing. Soon enough, you’ll be living up to the Greek proverb “Great minds think alike.”

On Marketing

On Creativity

On Storytelling

On Content

On Social Media

On Branding

On Simplicity

On Complexity

On Teamwork

On Risk

On Innovation

On Inspiration

On Motivation

On Endeavour


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