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An Undergraduate’s Guide to Buzzwords

By Tamara Jones

Many of us will eventually be working in the industry, and if you want to succeed you need to be able to navigate the complex world of buzzwords. We’re sure you can survive without them but it’s a lot more fun this way.

Lets start with the big one. Synergy.This one you can apply to people, projects, ideas, pretty much anything. It’s got a nice ring and you’ll immediately sound like you know was you are talking about.

Utilize. Fancy ‘use’.

In Summation. Super elaborate heads up that you are about to repeat yourself

A little less known but High level. I barely know what I am talking about or I am too busy to explain something so I am going to give you a ‘high level’ summary. It works wonders.

I’ll be offline. Please stop emailing me.

Young Gun/Rockstar. Doing your job well under the age of 25.

Sustainability. Could be environmental, but probably not unfortunately.

Proactive. Mind Reader.

Doing your time. Waiting for a promotion.

Face Time. Not the app but time for a one on one meeting with your boss

Brain Surgeon/Rocket Scientist/Guru. Someone who understands IT.

Let’s Monetize this. Nothing is going to happen unless you give me some numbers.

Win-Win. Not necessarily the actual situation, but lets give it a positive spin.

Big Data. One of the most overused phrases for technical data collection. Use/listen for this one with caution.

Hack. Short Cut.

Ping. I’ll get back to you .

The ‘IT’ Factor. Secret ingredient.

Let’s connect. We’ll blame Facebook for this one.

Now that you’ve aught up with the lingo, go out and have fun with your buzzwords. Invent your own even. As long as you say them with confidence no one will question you 😉


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