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Explore Your Potential – 5 Reasons Why it’s Never Too Early to Take on an Internship

Krystina Batt

Want tips and motivations for landing a marketing internship? Not sure where to start? Want a better idea on what an internship offers? Well then, take a read!

Even if you only have a vague idea about the career path you’re heading towards, an internship or work experience program is the perfect means to explore your interests and gain valuable experience in the workforce, and it’s never too early.  I recently completed a market research internship for Citizen Watches Australia. My tasks were straight forward, interesting and relevant to my studies in marketing. It involved me researching the internet and various web resources in order to answer a list of questions based on the demographic of young watch consumers. Citizen is in the process of launching a new product line named Independent Watches for a younger consumer market in Australia and it was my job to help them determine how to penetrate this market: a demographic of poor brand loyalty and frivolous spending. I completed the internship over a number of weeks from my computer at home and I partook in regular phone catch ups with my mentor from the company.  I found the internship extremely valuable for the experience and insight I gained into the field of marketing, not to mention that I received my very own Independent watch as well as a reference for my CV to show future employers. So here are five reasons why you should consider an internship during university: 1. You will gain valuable insight into the workforce and your chosen field of work. 2. You will create contacts who may lead you to further opportunities in the future. 3. You can spice up your CV with the claim of a relevant internship (let’s be honest, it’s a little more exciting than “I was on the rowing team in year 8″) 4. You will be able to ask for a reference. Make sure you chase this up as it can be very valuable in the future and it is the least that they can offer you after your hard work. 5. You may even get paid! I believe that the more work experience you can gain during your time at university, the higher your chance at employment later on. Whilst a university degree can go a long way, what employers truly seek is a definitive edge, initiative and drive. 

It’s never too early to get out there!

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