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Mentoring Matters + SMS Mentoring Program

By Robyn Lu

When we’re growing up, we attain some of our very basic skills and knowledge from a parent, guardian or a role model. We learn how to take our first steps whilst clasping an adult’s hand. We pick up new language by listening to others speak. We also come to know that, from a preschool teacher, finger painting is usually reserved for a piece of canvas, and not fellow children (p.s. this may or may not have come from personal experience).

Evidently, mentoring matters. And this rings more true as we progress into the workforce. Much like in our early stages, mentors play a crucial role in aiding students develop personal skills and more so, career skills. They are instrumental in helping young professionals gain indispensable insights into the industry and build networks with like-minded professionals. All of which are essential for career advancement.

Such relationships are not one-way either, they’re mutually beneficial. For a mentor, they also enhance their strengths and weaknesses, whilst getting in touch with up-and-coming talent. As they teach, they learn too. That’s why a good mentor-mentee relationship should never be underestimated or taken for granted.

So, SMS is proud to bring back the SMS Mentoring Program for yet another year!

Calling all interested mentees! This program will connect you with industry experts at major marketing firms, including P&G, Unilever, Nestle, and many more. Held over 8 weeks, this program is a valuable networking and resume-building opportunity plus it’s a great chance to develop yourself personally towards professionalism. 

Apply right here, applications will close on June 10.

You don’t want to miss out, good luck!


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