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SMSnapshot #1

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Content and infographic developed by the IT - Content Team

Dating Apps in Covid

For everyone who is not single, you may have realised it’s gotten increasingly hard connecting with your partner when everyone is socially distanced and in lock down. Those who haven’t found "the one" yet pre-COVID, or who want to look out of pure boredom, may find themselves creeping onto online dating sites. So, it's not surprising that Tinder conversations in Australia have increased, up an average 16% with lengths of conversations 12% longer. Hinge has also introduced a “Dating from home" function to accommodate heightened consumer needs for socialising and connection through voice or video call with their (potential) partners.

Superdry My Way TikTok Campaign

Most of us have TikTok (perhaps you were just on it 30 seconds ago!). Superdry actually took advantage of this growing platform by launching a campaign which features edgy brand ambassadors, influencer content, digital ads and a viral dance challenge to bring personality into the brand. The #SDMyWay challenge celebrates individuality, and is coupled with the soundtrack “Where It Hurts” in collaboration with NZ artists eleven7four. They also worked with social influencer Magusara with 13M followers on TikTok to start the campaign, which has reached 2.1M views (and counting!).

The return of the Qantas song

The iconic Qantas song is back! A rendition of the iconic ballad “I still call Australia home” was performed and filmed by The Australian Girls Choir and The Gondwana National Choir from their homes. This ad, posted to Facebook, was released in anticipation of the lifting of interstate travel bans in July. Coupled with dramatic images of iconic Australian landscapes, this captivates the audience and boosts desire to travel post lock down!

MasterChef Starpower

MasterChef Australia's latest guest feature, Katy Perry, has proved to be a great success! It was no doubt a smart move by Channel 10 to heavily publicise this episode, through TV advertisements and its various social media channels. The singer's pregnancy, latest releases, and song Hot n Cold (the show's opening track) likely contributed to the episode's popularity, drawing in 1.266m national viewers and topping the key advertising demographics of 16-39s, 18-49s and 25-54s. It's safe to say that despite the lyrics of Katy's song, Australian viewers have given her a warm welcome!



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