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Snapshot: Lorna Jane

The Marketing Evolution of one of Australia’s most Iconic brands

Krystina Batt

Since its inception 25 years ago, Australian women’s active wear label, Lorna Jane has expanded phenomenally. From the first hand-stitched designs of aerobics instructor, Lorna Jane Clarkson, the brand’s founder, to the launch of an entirely new collection, the Active Living Magazine and the company’s first ever television commercial in its 25th year, the $500 million company can owe its success to a dedicated and creative marketing effort.

The company, which prides itself on its bold, fearless and unique designs and values, has come a long way over the last two and a half decades:

1989: Lorna stiches her first design

1990: opening of the first Lorna Jane store

2011: Release of Move, Nourish, Believe: The Fit Woman’s Secret

2012: inaugural Active Nation Day

Opening of first store in the United States

2013: Opening of the first Active Living Room

Release of MORE of the Fit Woman’s Secrets

2014: Active Living magazine launches

Launch of the ‘sport-luxe’ Uniquely collection

Release of the Nourish Cookbook

Re-launch of the Lorna Jane App

First television commercial

Active Nation Day goes global for the first time

155 stores worldwide

Clearly this successful company didn’t just come into fruition by itself; each campaign is backed by an array of marketing strategies designed to entice customers.

Every month sees the launch of a new collection, whether it be backed by a ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ slogan, or a catchy Instagram competition, Lorna Jane makes sure to cover all bases when it comes to marketing. Social media, in particular, has become one of the primary tools for the company’s marketing strategy. Not only does it allow them to engage with its target market of 18-50 year olds, but it runs interactive campaigns which aim to get customers involved in the brand by using hashtags and posting pictures of themselves ‘moving’, building a steadfast relationship.

The company also runs a blog, Move, Nourish, Believe, to build a brand personality that is more than just the stylish clothes; it allows customers to uncover the values of the brand in their everyday lives hosting nutritious recipes and exercise tips, to name a few.

Finally, the recently re-launched Lorna Jane App encourages customers to engage with the brand even when exercising by offering tracking services and daily motivation. Through building a strong marketing strategy, the company reaches customers on a number of platforms every day.

From its early days, Lorna Jane has come a long way in terms of its ability to integrate into the daily lives of its customers. The success of the brand comes from a strong marketing base that continues to find new ways to reach its target market through utilizing to-the-minute technology and building a strong relationship with customers that will see its triumphs proliferate in the future.


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