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Snickers Builders Catcalling Compliments: Funny or Sexist?

Erin Rooney The Snickers ad released in March this year has sparked much controversy in its portrayal of Aussie builders, facing accusations of perpetuating sexism against men.

For those who haven’t stumbled across it yet, the ad takes Snickers’ ongoing slogan ‘You Aren’t You When You’re Hungry’ and shows builders shouting out compliments and encouraging statements to women passing by. It draws on stereotypes of catcalling tradies, weaving their slogan in conveniently.

There have been many negative interpretations of their spectacle, such as the implication that builders are usually sexist and derogatory towards women, and that this is ‘who they are’. An implication that perhaps the directors of this campaign could have changed simply by switching the shouting of positive comments to negative comments, making the reason that some builders catcall ‘not being themselves when they’re hungry’.

Others have suggested that it represents a clever, humorous play on the tradie stereotype whilst delivering a subtle social critique. The fact that the stereotype exists certainly causes concern for the acceptance of catcalling as a normal part of our society.

What’s your opinion? Is the public being too sensitive or is this a serious cultural issue that must be addressed? Leave us a comment below!


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