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By Maddie Jones

The brain processes images much faster than text, in fact approximately 60,000 times faster. So whether you’re in marketing, PR or just an entrepreneur-in-the-making there’s no denying the opportunity presented by a social media platform averaging 1.2 billion daily photo ‘likes’!

Visual marketing techniques have played a rapidly growing role for businesses in recent years, and while social media as a whole, allows marketers to leverage these, Instagram has many unique facets that sets it apart for as a brand development tool.

So why the ‘gram’?

If over 150 million attentive potential consumers in one place isn’t enough to get you #excited maybe Instagram’s direct marketing potential will be?

The hashtag, for example, can be an unparalleled social discovery tool if used correctly. Originally, a sorting tool for online content, the hashtag is now a powerful summary and communication ‘tool’ and can be especially effective in filtering out noise to reach a specific public.

Moreover, a campaign launch or any marketing initiative can be enhanced by utilising a hashtag to allow customers to easily access visual content relating to the project. Creating a buzz for an event, encouraging audience participation or merely increasing consumer awareness can all be done through the one platform with merely a touch on the smart phone (Netflix and chill while you work right?)

Need more proof that insta is the way to go?

It comes down to something called mutualism (yay for HSC biology).

Instagram, I believe, presents an opportunity to reach consumers unlike any other. Instagram presents a platform that brings together equally willing consumers, businesses and bloggers alike. Where the supply and demand forces align and a mutually beneficial relationship can be readily formed.

Instagram users choose to devote their time each day to scroll through a feed of images, whether they’re looking for fitness motivation, scouting for awesome social events or places, or just checking what their friend’s are doing. Users WANT to see visually stimulating content and their desire to find generally awesome things can be leveraged by marketers who can offer somewhat awesome products.

Nicki Minaj once said, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’; what a wise woman she is. She may have twerked after saying it, but the message still rings true today; people love being aesthetically pleased. Like all public relations ventures, appropriate content and timing are crucial to your Instagram success. Also like PR, collaboration is key. Whether it’s between social media celebrities and businesses, bloggers and customers or directly between businesses and their target consumer, Instagram’s opportunities are always more fruitful when cohesively planned.

So #dontwasteaminute – get on the ‘gram’ today. If Beyonce’s using it, we should be too! 

It’s true, a well-delivered image, paired with an appropriate caption and hashtag, can form a relatively cheap, succinct and potentially viral, press release! #genius


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