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Interviews - SMS First Year's Guide #5

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Written by SMS

SMS First Year's Guide Issue #5

How to NAIL your next interview

Interviews are a crucial skill that any aspiring business professional must master. However, the very thought of an interview can strike fear into the hearts and minds of so many students . Thus, to help calm your nerves SMS has compiled a list of steps and tricks to help you NAIL YOUR NEXT INTERVIEW

Steps to take before facing the interview

- Do your research about the company, the job role and maybe even the interviewer/s! This can help you generate questions you can ask the interviewers to demonstrate your interests

- Prepare and practice your elevator pitch. Interviewers often ask you to first introduce yourself and to tell them a bit about yourself - Dress the part! Make a good impression by wearing the correct attire. Do some research on the company to see what is most appropriate - Print out and bring copies of your resume

During the interview

- Use physical cues to show engagement, this includes; nodding, eye contact, leaning forward and smiling - Use hand gestures when appropriate to demonstrate your confidence and passion about the topic Ask questions. Shows your interest in the proposed role and your desire to excel in its duties - Conclude the interview by thanking them and showing your gratitude for their time - Send a follow-up email the next day. This helps build a stronger and meaningful connection with the interviewer

How about virtual/online interviews

- Make sure your device is charged and is in good condition to help facilitate the interview - Test the platform which the interview will take place on, and be familiar with it - Find a quiet and comfortable environment - Remove any unnecessary items which are visible in the screen - Close any tabs and applications which may potentially interrupt you during the process - Don’t forget to turn your phone to silent! You don’t want any of your social media buzzing throughout the interview - Test your internet connection and camera. Check the lighting, voice recording and audio , framing of your face, and speed of the internet - Have a pen, notepad and a copy of your resume ready in case you need them

What can you do after the interview

- Email the interviewer and say thank you . Write personalised emails for each interviewer - Email the company for feedback - Connect with them on LinkedIn - Reflect on any potential improvements you can work on - Understand that if you get rejected, you’re not the only one experiencing this. The people who got a place may have been through so many rejections

Interview Tips

- Be on time! Not too early, never late. - Don’t fidget and stay calm. When speaking, don’t rush. Self confidence speaks volume! - Project a positive attitude and energy - Don’t bring up questions on salaries or benefits, but be prepared to be asked about your expected income - If you don’t pass the interview stage, IT’S OKAY. If able to, ask the interviewer on ways to improve and use it as your own personal learning experience? - Rather than mass applying for jobs, apply for ones that are more specific to you

Fun facts about interviews

- First impressions count! The interviewer makes their decision within the first few minutes of the interview - Your posture communicates your confidence in the interview - The attire you wear makes up a large portion of their decision making - Gathering and utilising research and data about the company gives you a big advantage over the other applicants

Finally, interviews are a nerve-wracking process that can only be improved through practice, preparation and patience. Keep in mind that interviews are an opportunity for growth regardless of the outcome, allowing you to develop your skills and make lasting industry impressions. SMS hopes this guide will aid you in your future applications, offering the tips you need to land your dream career.


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